Ndikyo Yaya

This is Ndikyo’s Pilot Project, which started in 2014 and registered a Community Based Organization in Mbale, "Ndikyo Yaya", targeting a group of 25 widows and single mothers. The rationale of the project was to determine the accuracy of the projections, implementation and impact of the community agro-business initiatives intended for the Landslide victims to be resettled, as well as other low income households as an alternative source of income.

The project began with the breaking down of old buildings at the farm, and the community worked as a group to rebuild them. The Farm workers and women’s sons constructed the buildings, while the women ferried tree poles, and later soil for planting the mushrooms. They were trained on how to plant and tend to the 500 Mushrooms gardens, 12 pairs of Rabbits and 500 fish given to them, in addition to planting 1 acre of Watermelon. The women share in the weekly proceeds got from the sale of the produce, and with time, it is hoped that with the inclusion of a SACCO, Alternative skills and financial trainings, they will be able to startup businesses of their own to support their families.