Ndikyo Agri Business

A registered business responsible for operations, financial management, market extension services and investments of the Ndikyo Community through Contract farming. The Company is to oversee the project fund management and implementation, and ensure the profitability and sustainability of project.

Steelheart International Foundation

A USA Non-profit 501C3, created to help underdeveloped countries develop safe, affordable housing, water, sanitation, power and food security. Partnered with other international companies and Non-profits around the world, Steelheart brings the technology to the project that is relevant for affordable and sustainable development.

Ndikyo Safaris & Lodges

A Tour company with a specialty in Agro-tourism and Voluntourism, it will focus on engaging the general public in the project. Through Agro tours targeted at the local Ugandan market, it will showcase advanced farming technologies and affordable housing to the middle income class within the country, while the international voluntours will ensure continuity of the humanitarian resettlement of the Landslide victims, while generating income to sustain the project.

Kentim University Kampala

An Agricultural institution that equips farmers with technical knowledge along the value chain and new technology in agriculture.