An EcoVillage, and all that comprise it, offer an opportunity to create jobs, economic opportunities, new levels of health and elevated levels of prosperity. While charitable in the inception, each of the components of an EcoVillage will not only provide a safe, healthy and productive village, they will create new industries with employment opportunities that can stimulate and sustain an ever improving healthy economy.

This first EcoVillage will serve as a model to be replicated in many other communities. Whatever income is derived from the Village itself, will offset the initial development costs and provide funding for additional villages.

Affordable Housing for people and indoor agriculture

Monolithic Dome

Teamed with Domes For The World, and Hildebrand Dome Construction, EcoShells and dome houses like the ones shown are to be built.

With 538sq unit (50’ in diameter), the houses are suitable for a family of 8 people.

Because it is built primarily with polystyrene for insulation, local concrete and labor at $2 a day, the basic shell can be constructed for as little as $3,500 to $5,500 depending on the sizes and features within.
They come fully equipped with a bathroom and basic infrastructure such as water, sewer/septic and power.
EcoShells are the best solution at present for a safe, affordable, energy efficient structure. They are largely maintenance free, impervious to mildew, mold and bugs, and save the environment.

They are also fireproof and capable of withstanding strong winds and earthquakes. The dome houses are therefore our key solution for the social plight of the Mt. Elgon people, serving the multi- purpose of both housing and indoor farming which is irrespective of weather, all year round and can grow high yield, high value crops that are on demand in the market.

C4H Fossil Fuel Free Power Combined With Atmospheric Water Generator

Steelheart is teamed with Cure4Hunger (C4H), a non-profit in Southern California. C4H has the exclusive rights to electrical power generators that were developed in 1976 for the US Navy for use underground. A power plant is placed in a 40’ specially designed container, then installed underground.

The unit can be paired with either a bank of batteries, which be placed at individual homes that don’t have power, plus an Atmospheric Water Generator which can provide up to 10,000 liters or pure drinking water a day. As the heart of the village, it can provide direct underground power to facilities that surround it. Power to houses and processing plants can be provided either directly or with the battery exchange program.

C4H also offers monolithic domes housing indoor hydroponic farms, and an advanced form or building EcoShells which appears to be faster, more energy efficient and less expensive.

Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Inexpensive man operated water well drilling equipment called Village Drills. or power driven drills available from LoneStar Drilling Machines in Texas provided by, are able to put water within 1 Km of everyone in the community, enabling irrigation for farming.

Agricultural Productivity and Food Security

To improve nutrition and food security hydroponics and aquaponics are to be used, particularly in village setting where a co-op can be created.

The essence of hydroponics is one can produce 75 times more food using 95% less water and less land. Indoor farming in a controlled environment can also be done anywhere, even in urban areas.

That minimizes transportation problems where roads aren’t fully developed. In addition, food processing plants are to be set up, offering another opportunity in a village

Waste to Energy and Usable Products

USE-IT, an affiliate in Durban, South Africa, has developed various means of converting trash into usable products, such as making roof tiles out of plastic and using pyrolysis to convert plastic into bio fuels.

In so doing, the company has created 2,400 jobs in Durban alone, and is available to replicate the process in other countries. It also has US manufactured machinery and a process to build affordable houses out of Compressed Earthen Blocks.


Solar Powered Water Purification Equipment

Water Purification

Where a source of water is available, solar powered water purification systems from numerous sources will be provided.

Aqua-Sun, based in Minden, Nevada have good units that can produce safe drinking water from any source. The unit pictured can produce 3 to 5 gallons of drinking water an hour, or roughly 1000 gallons a day. With a cost for safe water of less than 100shs per liter, no one should have to endure water borne diseases.