Ndikyo Ngoma

As is common with any natural disaster, children usually face the brunt of misfortune at the death of one or both parents, disruption of their education, hunger and poverty at the loss of livelihoods.
Reports from the Landslide areas indicate that a vast number of children were affected, most of whom have been sent to relatives or host families who can hardly afford to take care of them, while others have ended up on the streets trying to fend for themselves. With only 2 Orphanages in Mbale that cater to babies below 5 years, mid-aged children and youth have been left to fend for themselves.

Ndikyo has partnered with Elgon Ngoma Troupe, a cultural music group formed with the aim of preserving and promoting cultural music while providing a livelihood to disadvantaged children of the Mt. Elgon region.
The troupe currently comprises of 89 disadvantaged children and youth from different humble backgrounds who have now found a platform to nurture their talent and play a positive role in the society. The aim here is to restore their confidence, pride, dignity, respect and understanding through developing, preserving and presenting cultural activities.
The troupe has enabled some of the the children to go back to school from the meager proceeds of the shows and is able to rent a mud house for only 12 of the 89 children.

The vision of Ndikyo Ngoma is to acquire land large enough to accommodate the current capacity of children, as well as the other landslide orphans and disadvantaged children, to train them in musical skills, agro-business and other small scale enterprises to enable the project become sustainable, as well as finance the building of a vocational training center.


  • Cultural Music Performances
  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Art and Craft Expos
  • Agro-Business Enterprises
  • Orphanage
  • Vocational Training Center